Full-spectrum oils bring a unique combination of CBD and mainly other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBC, CBG and less than 1% THC. The unique method of processing the whole plant, which preserves the maximum potential of the active ingredients, is what makes these products among the most potent you will find in our range and on the market in general. The trace amount of THC in the products has no psychoactive side effects. We recommend it for more serious manifestations.

Studies suggest that this concentrated form: 

  • improves sleep quality and aids in falling asleep
  • relieves pain and nausea
  • helps with symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • improves digestion and combats lack of appetite
  • strengthens the immune system and ensures proper functioning of the nervous system


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Quality sleep is one of the very important things in our lives. In sleep we not only rest, but more importantly, the whole body regenerates. This hemp oil is formulated to help improve sleep, relaxation and promote overall body regeneration. This oil is ideal to take 30 - 60 minutes before bedtime. After taking these drops, it is recommended that you do not exert any more physical or mental effort and limit watching screens as the radiation from these receivers interferes with melatonin secretion. 

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Are you tired and need to start concentrating quickly? Then this oil is for you! Whether at work or during other mental/physical exertion, this oil will help you induce a state of alertness and concentration. The carefully selected combination of terpenes can positively influence not only brain oxygenation but also memory. 

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Unfortunately, in today's hectic times, stress and stress conditions have become a part of life for many of us, so we searched for a combination to alleviate these conditions until we found one! This formulated cannabis oil is designed to relieve anxiety symptoms, help the body relax and loosen tight muscles. This oil is infused with energizing and refreshing conifer terpene. 

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This cannabis oil is designed to help not only after physical but also mental strain on the body. The carefully selected combination of terpenes can positively influence the absorption of oxygen into the bones, muscles and thus help the overall regeneration of the body and its relaxation. The effect is achieved after 20-90 minutes. 

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We also think about the problems of the fairer sex, which is why we developed this oil to relieve premenstrual and menstrual symptoms. The balanced ratio of hemp essential oils is complemented by MEDICINAL HONEY EXTRACT, which relieves pain and helps hormonal balance. It is ideal to start using this oil just a few days before the cycle in the morning and evening. In the case of irregular cycles, start taking the oil at the first symptoms. 

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This cannabis oil can positively affect alertness, concentration and energy. It contains cannabis essential oils in a perfectly balanced ratio to most effectively help "recharge your batteries". Ideally used during times of increased physical or mental exertion. The complex effect is complemented by citrus and conifer terpenes. 

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100% EN, Food supplement

Cold-pressed BIO hemp oil without added substances and preservatives in RAW, GMO FREE quality. Synergy of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and other substances achieved by the original method of the Czech producer. 

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