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150 cbd olej pro psy
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It is a veterinary product approved by the ÚSKVBL, which contains the natural active ingredient cannabidiol - CBD. The preparation supports the proper function of the immune system and is a suitable supplement in the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system. At the same time, thanks to the properties of the active substance, it contributes to relaxation and calming of animals in stressful situations such as travel, New Year celebrations, etc.

503 konopny sampon pro psy a kocky
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Hemp shampoo for pets is made purely from 100% natural ingredients. It does not contain petrolatum, dyes, parabens or THC.

To achieve an absolutely perfect product, we have added Nimba oil to the shampoo to deep cleanse, regenerate damaged fur, soothe irritated skin, deeply moisturize and prevent dandruff.


506 1 prirodni antiparazitikum pro psy
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Antiparasitic product protects your dog from ticks, fleas and other insects that can harm him. The anti-parasite product is made in Italy and contains no petroleum jelly, dyes, parabens or THC.

CBD olej pro psy 2%, 10 ml
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CBD olej pro psy 5%, 10 ml
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cbd sampon pro zvirata
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