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Uhlíkové filtry 7mm, 20ks 2385
Uhlíkové filtry 6mm, 50ks 10012
Uhlíkové filtry 6mm, 20ks 10010
Uhlíkové filtry 7mm, 50ks 10011
cerna sklenenka baleni
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Rolls Smart Filtry, 6mm 60ks
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krush black 6
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Luxury metal cannabis shredder KRUSH 2.0

The innovative tooth design allows the cannabis to fluff up during the crushing process. Creates the perfect coarseness, just right for a vaporizer. Easily rotates without looking at how much cannabis is in it at the moment. It has a magnetic centre. Krush grinders have a square shape and a bowl on top that makes it easy to fill the vaporizer chamber. This shredder is indestructible and will last you for years.

6063 anodized aluminum.
Weight: 165 g.

Drtička the Bulldog Průhledná, 12ks
85 Kč

Put your flowers in the teeth of the Bulldog shredder and trust it to take care of them without a problem.

raw papirky king size slim 50ks 10003
RAW Předrolované Dutinky 3ks
RAW Pre-Rolls
Externím skladem
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1775 1 kovova drticka the bulldog original 2 casti 35mm
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2835 clipper zapalovac broken leaves 24ks 10014
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